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  • Safety is #1
  • Active Engagement with the Pack
  • Fun, Safe, Positive Interactions
  • Robust Mental & Physical Stimulation

My name is Bart Quigley and I am a certified dog walker here in San Francisco. I know firsthand the importance of finding the right walker for my own pup to provide the exercise and care she needs. I believe in active engagement with each dog so I can focus their attention on fun, safe and positive interactions. It also means I get to challenge their brains with various games and activities while improving their skills and manners. I love being active outdoors and enjoy the power hikes and jogs right along with the pups. My goal is to leave you with a mentally and physically exercised dog.


  • Certified, Licensed, Insured
  • Reliable
  • High Level Customer Service
  • Ongoing Education

There’s a lot more to walking dogs than leashing them up and hitting the trail. I completed my professional dog walker training and certification, including Pet CPR, with Dog*Tec in San Francisco. This program takes the profession seriously and so do I. Dog*Tec has been successfully preparing or enhancing the skills of dog walkers for over 10 years. I learned the nuances of canine behavior and body language, how to manage peaceful packs, avoiding and handling various emergency situations, and the essentials of car safety.

Before dog walking I spent 13 years in the corporate world, learning what it is to be a true professional and provide high level customer service. I bring that same approach to the dog walking profession – reliability, setting clear expectations and delivering on my promises. To provide the best service, I stay up to date with annual dog walking and training programs.


  • Love Learning New Training Techniques
  • Love Seeing Happy Dogs
  • Happy, Healthy Way to Work

Since the age of 5, I’ve been surrounded by dogs, mostly trained hunting breeds who require loads of attention and activity. After a dog hiatus for many years, my wife and I were ready to adopt. We rescued “Pickles”, a one year old Pointer mix, from a shelter. She had an unknown history and a heart of gold. It turns out that she suffers from acute dog reactivity towards other dogs (fear of other dogs, most likely due to under socialization as a puppy). This presents a daily challenge in terms of learning new training and managing her world so that she can deal with being out in the city.

Through my work with various programs like the Reactive Rover class at the San Francisco SPCA, hiring a private dog aggression specialist and employing dog behaviorist services, I honed the skills to care for our special child. I found that I loved the challenge of going beyond basic training (sit, stay, etc.) and discovered pure joy in seeing my dog’s growth and accomplishments. I decided to pursue a career in dog walking and training because seeing a happy, healthy dog is its own reward, and loving your job means never working another day. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your furry little one.

Email: bart@fourpawsrecclub.com